The Evolution of Sim Racing as Entertainment.

New Contents and New Game Modes. Available both as software update and as new machine with rebranded cabinet.

  • 40 Race Tracks with different difficulty
  • 20 Secret Race Tracks on Random choice
  • 5 Single-Player Seasons
  • Hotlap: beat the best lap time
  • Remontada: starts last and finish first
  • Improved visuals and user interface
  • Sport’s Penalty Flag System
  • Interactive rearview mirror

  • Multiplayer up to 8 Player
  • 3 different driving level
  • Kid Mode with Gas and Brake on the Steering Wheel
  • Professional Steering Wheel with force feedback
  • Sport Design Cabinet available in 8 different colors

Racecraft is the first Coin Op Racing Simulator created specifically for the Amusement market.

Racecraft, thanks to its 3 progressive levels of driving difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard, makes the thrill of simulative driving accessible to the casual gamer while engaging at the same time the expert player who is looking for the pure hardcore simulation.

Racecraft has 15 original circuits each having different technical characteristics designed to bring out driving skills and match preferences of racers.

Multiplayer with two to four seats, allows players to keep challenging each other race after race, thanks to its immediacy and well balanced synergy with bots on the track.

Racecraft is designed to be accessible for young players too. Kids Modeallows children not tall enough to use the pedals to drive using only the steering wheel.

Racecraft is an innovative entertainment proposal that is having an important success and represents a unique attraction for Amusement Arcades and Family Entertainment Centers.

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